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Studio Series

The highest level of our Studio series violins. Made in Australia, these Guarneri del Gesu and Stradivari models are crafted from beautiful European maple and spruce from our collection of fine tonewood. The first stage of these violins was made in a commercial workshop to reduce the cost of labour. John Simmers has finished all the graduations, F-holes, bass bar and all the internal and external woodwork and then varnished them to the same level as his own instruments. They are fantastic sounding, play beautifully and now available in our studio.

Price $15,000

Gand & Bernardel, Paris circa 1860

A beautiful violin by Gand & Bernardel, made in Paris around 1860. The label is numbered 454. This violin is in magnificent condition and has a lovely warm and full sound. Sold with an original receipt from John & Arthur Beare dated the 7th of July 1919.

Price $70,000


Violin by John Simmers, Brisbane 2022.

Violin by John Simmers, Brisbane 2022. Stradivari model.

Available at the Sydney String Centre.

John Simmers Violin Brisbane 2021 — The Sydney String Centre (


Price $30,000

Violin by Emanuel Whitmarsh, London 1900

Emanuel Whitmarsh was originally a stonemason and was self-taught in violin making. He worked in Soho, London, from 1856 to 1885, making instruments and repairing for various dealers. Whitmarsh moved to Kentish Town Road, 1885, and to Hackney, 1887. He established at Dalston, 1908, when he had the assistance of his son, Edwin.

The violin we are pleased to offer is in exceptional, original condition and has a big, powerful tone. It bears its original label and is signed internally by the maker.

Price $25,000

Violin labeled Mathias Weineisen, Mittenwald, Germany, 1916.

This beautifully made violin is in incredible condition for it’s age. Made from the finest quality materials, it is a fine example of early 20th Century Mittenwald craftsmanship and has a fine, strong and clear tone.

Price $22,000

Violin by John Simmers, Brisbane, 2022

Violin by John Simmers, Brisbane 2022.

Price $30,000