Simmers Violin Makers – Studio Series cello.

Studio Series cellos, come in different levels and prices, depending on the amount of work completed in our Red Hill workshop. The latest in our line of Studio Series cellos is currently being made for us. This particular cello will be sent to us half finished. John Simmers will finalise the graduations, cut the sound-holes, fit the bass bar, then set the neck and finish off the cello externally. He will then varnish it and complete the setup. This cello is modelled after a well known by Giuseppe filius Andrea Guarneri. By outsourcing the initial stages of making the cello, we can offer a very high quality instrument at half the cost of a cello fully mady by John Simmers.

Price $22,500


Jay Haide A L’Ancienne Cello

Jay Haide instruments are made for Ifshin violin in Berkley California and supplied to good violin shops the world over. We are pleased to offer these instruments with our own high quality setup including quality European fittings and Larsen strings.

Price $7750


KG 200 Cello

The 200 model cello from KG is our most popular cello for students moving up to their first full size instrument. Personally prepared by John Simmers with a detailed setup including reshaping the fingerboard, a fine French bridge and a full set of Larsen strings.

Price $3950


KG80 Cello

The 80 model cello from the KG workshop is our preferred student level cello. They are made to a very high standard and are chosen for their amazing quality for this price level. We believe this is the minimum quality that students of all levels deserve. The quality of this instrument allows us to perform a detailed setup which is included in the price. The setup includes the highest quality Despiau bridge blank and Larsen strings. Also included is a bow and soft case. KG80 cellos are available in 4/4, ¾ and ½ sizes.

Price $2600

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